Trainee Albrite is a very pretty package, but we never put form before function… View more »

Welcome beautiful, blonde, and tough Katie Summers. In scene one she is bound in an open hogtie with wood spreader bars bound to her ankles, and one under her elbows, lifting her torso. Her tits are bound and she is made to uncomfortably lay on them. Add a butt plug, a nice ass spanking, and foot torment and we get to see how much this bitch can squirm. In scene two Katie is bent bound doggy style. Her breasts are tied to her kneeling blocks to keep her chest down, while Claire gives her a reason to squirm. Later on, the breast bondage is traded out for a nice tight neck rope and cruel nipple clamps. She is pummeled in the cunt and squeezed for every orgasm she has. View more »

Stunning red headed Marie McCray submits to the skilled hands of well known DeviceBondage specialist and sadist, Orlando… View more »

Infernal Restraints BDSM

Hazel Hypnotic and Maggie Mead are going to spend some time getting to know each other intimately on the floor of our barn. Very intimately. After they have had some time to become acquainted with each others bodies we turn our full attention to Hazel. There is a little toy we like to call the “pear”. The key on the end of it twists and opens it up to its full, massive size inside of her cunt. View more »

Infernal Restraints BDSM

Things for Hazel Hypnotic are about to get even more interesting. She has been with us for so long she thinks she knows what is coming next. That means it’s time for us to be even more creative. Most people take our electrical torments at our whim. Hazel is given the chance to avoid her shocks. With strong enough muscles she can save herself, but every time she relaxes she gets a nasty zap. View more »

Slut trainee Coral Aorta must pass Goddess Aiden’s grueling tests before exiting this training program, and she is a merciless, horny, hungry cruel Mistress… View more »

Infernal Restraints BDSM

We thought Maggie Mead would be smart but it turns out she is just another smart mouthed little tramp who needs to learn her place in life. Every time PD or a member asks her a question you can be sure she is going to give the most wise-ass response she can think of. She looks like she is learning but until she can eat dog food like a good little bitch we will just have to keep working at her. View more »

Ebony stunner Nikki Darling is intense. She is an active and performing dancer and has the physique of a sleek panther in its prime. In scene one, she is given a perch. Sitting on an uncomfortable vintage metal tractor seat that is transformed into a mini throne, her whole body is zip tied together. Her elbows touch as vicious and inescapable hard plastic bites into her flesh all the way down to her feet… her lovely tender soles. Claire clips off the last zip tie, taking Nikki’s shoes off and creates a uncomfortable predicament for Nikki that the cunt won’t soon forget involving nipple clamps, wax, the cane, nipple weights, and twine from each of Nikki’s big toes to her nipple clamps. In scene two, the panther is on the prowl. She is positioned in a low crouching doggy in metal and leather, and made to look like a panther ready to strike. View more »

Infernal Restraints BDSM

This week on Sexually Broken features some of the most brutal skull fuckings of some of the hottest models we could get our hands on. We grabbed the beautiful Mia Rider with her huge, all natural tits and made her squirt. We took African-American body builder Ashley Starr and gave her the most intense work out of her life. And what about Asphyxia Noir? We made her gag on cock to earn that name. View more »

Infernal Restraints BDSM

2 things about Hazel are wrong right now. First, she has a shit eating grin on her face. Second, she thinks she is ready for the punishment. Her ass is going to look like raw meat by the time MWB finishes working it over. He has more than enough familiarity with that cane to leave his mark. Outside Elise has another way of leaving impression. Hazel will not forget the way she humiliates her. View more »

Desperate whore Amber is in need of a ride… View more »

Infernal Restraints BDSM

Penny Pax may struggle at first, but it is just because in her fantasies she always needs to be overpowered. Every part of her wants this. It is what she has always wanted. To be shoved into her own apartment. To feel the rough hands of strangers exploring her body. To scream at the top of her lungs and know that no one else is coming. She fights, but only because she wants so badly to lose. View more »

Infernal Restraints BDSM

Maggie Mead is a smoking hot redhead that wants our members to be satisfied with her performance during her live feed. That means that all of her inhibitions need to go out of the window. Maggie and Sasha are going to get to know each other quite well. Maggie’s pierced little cunt is dripping wet with anticipation. It offers no resistance when we decide to start stuffing it full of rubber cocks. View more »

Slut Albright is run through the rigors of the Pope and Goddess Soma in this third day of slave training… View more »

There are great models and then there are amazing models like Darling… View more »

Stunner Jayden Lee has an incredible ass… View more »

Chastity’s final day will test her her on all levels of her training, from boot blacking to obedience to cock service… View more »

Beautiful, dark skinned Leilani has amazing curves and a stunning smile… View more »

Beautiful blonde Maia gets to learn what her limits are with Jack at the helm… View more »

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